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Spring has sprung in Godfrey, IL and the grass is beginning to show its first shaggy blades for cutting. If your yard is like most in the area, it’s going to need some TLC to grow to its lush, green potential. This means thinking about how you’re going to encourage the grass to grow even as the Godfrey weather varies daily.

One way to ensure that your grass grows even when the weather doesn’t cooperate is to install an irrigation system in your yard. A sprinkler system can be used on the surface or in the soil, and what style you choose should be based on the size and condition of your lawn.

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 Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems can be installed underground or above ground; you must position them properly to ensure an evenly covered yard. The wide variety of sprinkler styles makes it a popular method of irrigation for the average homeowner and commercial properties.

Impact Sprinklers: The head moves in a circular motion and sprays to mimic rainfall. Great for coverage of larger areas, such as a soccer or football field. Best utilized on level ground, these sprinklers can use a lot of water.

Oscillating Sprinklers: Covers an area of up to 40 feet, with the head traveling in a fan shape. Utilize these in flat areas that require 180-degree watering for best results.
lawn irrigation godfrey illinois
Pop-up Sprinklers: singular or rotor-style heads that provide steady streams of water within a particular radius. These use much less water than other styles of sprinklers and cover a variety of area sizes.

 Drip Irrigation

This style of sprinkler system, which is also known as micro-irrigation, provides water to the roots of plants instead of leaves/flowers and uses less water pressure (and water in general). In fact, micro-irrigation is often exempt from area water restrictions during times of drought because they use so little water. This kind of irrigation system is particularly useful for berm plantings and watering sloped land.

Regardless of whether you use a drip or sprinkler irrigation system, make sure you trust the landscaping professionals in Godfrey, IL for all your needs. Call Diversified Services for a landscaping job done right!