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What type of irrigation is best for your home or business?

Wondering how you can get a lawn that’s lush and green like your neighbors? Wish your plants would grow taller, more vibrant? The key to achieving your landscaping goals could be an increased ability to provide water to your flowers, trees, hedges, bushes and more. Many people utilize irrigation systems to ensure everything’s growing properly on their property. Whether you’re looking for a residential system to help maintain your lawn or you need an extensive network at an office building, Diversified Services has the answers you need. Please read below about types of irrigation products, and how to choose the best one for you.

Why is irrigation important?

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Whether you just want a nice lawn or you’re growing a labyrinth of flowers and plants, water is chiefly important to the growing process, which you likely already know. What you may not know, is that rain simply won’t do the job sufficiently on its own. The more vegetation, the more water it will need to grow properly. That’s where irrigation comes in. By delivering water directly to your plants on a set schedule, you can grow a lush, beautiful landscape that isn’t reliant on nature’s help.

Types of Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation collinsville il

The first type of irrigation is known as ‘drip irrigation.’ This method of irrigation involves lines that deliver drips of water directly to the roots of the plants you’re trying to water. Drip tubs are installed above ground, but they can easily be covered to keep them out of site. The amount of tubing you’ll need depends on what you need to be watered, the amount of space and other factors of your property.


  • Delivers water directly to plant root
  • Limits wasted water
  • Efficient for foliage areas/flower beds
  • Prevents overwatering
  • Lower utility costs
  • Effective at watering hard-to-reach areas
  • Easier installation


  • Not suited for large swaths of grass/turf
  • Tubing is prone to clogging
  • Tubing is prone to damage from equipment

Spray Irrigation

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Spray irrigation is just as its name implies and involves the use of sprinklers that spray water over a large area of grass, covering everything with water. These are popular systems for homes and businesses that have large areas of grass or yards that need to be watered. Sprinklers may be installed in a variety of places including underground.


  • Effective for watering large areas
  • Best for flat land
  • Delivers large amounts of water
  • Provides uniform water distribution
  • Features adjustable spray patterns
  • Customizable to fit specific watering needs


  • Not good for water conservation
  • Provides opportunity for overwatering
  • Installation and maintenance is more arduous

How to choose

The best way to choose is to evaluate what type of area you need to be watered, and call for a consultation from a local landscaping maintenance company such as Diversified Services. They’ll provide an honest recommendation based on your needs, your budget and more.

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