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Here’s what you can do to conserve water

With Spring here, people everywhere are starting to worry about their gardens. Are they receiving enough sunlight? Are they getting enough water? As we all know, the proper amount of sunlight and water is vital to grow strong plants, and access to water will become increasingly important as the temperature warms and your plants begin to bake under the hot sun. It may be your first instinct to hook up the sprinklers and let them go full blast for a while. However, doing this could lead to a serious waste of water that makes your water bill skyrocket. With this in mind, take advantage of a few of these tips for saving water this summer!

Professional Irrigation

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One of the most effective things that you can do to conserve water during the summer months is to opt for an irrigation system over watering your yard with a hose or residential sprinkler. A professionally installed system will be customized to fit the watering needs of your plants, meaning you’ll be able to adjust the amount of water you use and cut down on wasteful watering.

Watch the Weather

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Another easy way that you can conserve water this summer is by simply watching the weather. This will give you a great idea of when your plants need to be watered and when you can leave things up to Mother Nature. A few well-placed rainy days could help you save quite a bit over watering consistently with a hose or watering can.

Get a Rain Gauge

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“What’s a rain gauge,” all the millennials asked ? A rain gauge is an old-fashioned instrument that measures how much rain you’re getting. They come in handy when determining if the recent rain is enough or if your plants need to be watered even more. While you can look up levels of rain, it may be inaccurate or a number that represents a large area. A rain gauge is an easy way to figure out exactly how much rain your plants are getting.

Research Your Plants

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Doing research on the plants in your yard and even the type of grass you have can help you figure out how often things need to be watered, which can help with the rest of what you’ve read here. Understanding the plants in your landscaping will help you figure out how much water your plants need, which allows you to conserve when you can.