irrigation system design

You have irrigation problems, we have irrigation solutions

So, you’ve invested in an irrigation system design service to ensure all your plants are getting the right amount of water. You’re looking forward to a bright, vibrant yard in the Spring. However, it never comes – why? Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with irrigation system design if the company you hire is not careful. Take a look at the most common problems we see (listed below), and call the pros at Diversified Services to solve these problems for you!

sloped yard irrigation system design

Watering Slopes, Hills & Valleys

Due to the slope of the land, it’s common to notice pools of water, soggy areas and irregular growth at the bottoms of hills and slopes in your yard. Unfortunately, this could lead to overwatering and dead spots – not to mention it’s a serious waste of water. Our solution is specialized sprinkler heads that feature low head drainage and a slower rate of delivery that allows more time for water to soak into the ground.

various plants and irrigation system design

Watering for Different Plant Types

With all the different types of vegetation on your property, how do you meet the needs of all the different flora? We offer low-volume drip irrigation solutions that allow you to customize your water schedule, providing as little or as much water as needed to specific areas of your property.

odd shaped yard irrigation system design

Watering Corners & Odd Shapes

Irregular patterns in our yard may mean that it’s difficult to get an equal amount of coverage to every part of your property. This can leave some plants without enough water to survive or achieve proper growth. For this problem, we can outfit certain sprinkler heads with specialized nozzles for precision and accuracy.

small yard irrigation system design

Watering Small Yards

Do you end up watering the sidewalk and street because you have a small yard? It’s a problem that many face, but it’s not unsolvable. For this problem, we offer low-volume nozzles that limit the distance sprayed and help you only water the things that will grow!

garden irrigation system design

Watering for Changing Sun Exposure

The presence of the sun affects how much water your plants will need. So, how do you set your sprinkler system to account for this? With sprinkler head controllers and easy-to-use digital controls, you can easily control what sprinklers are on and which ones aren’t.

irrigation system design

Watering (or not) When It Rains

What good is using the rain as your sprinkler system if your irrigation is still going to run, even when it’s raining? RainBird sprinkler systems offer specialized sensors that tell your system when it’s time to be on and when it can take a break.

water run-off irrigation system design

Water Run-Off on Hard Surfaces

Have you noticed that compacted soil has led to water runoff all over hard surfaces such as driveways, patios and sidewalks? Programmable irrigation systems allow you the control needed to limit runoff problems and prevent water pooling up anywhere on your property.