Issues With Sprinkler Head Not Popping Up in Edwardsville, IL

Issues With Sprinkler Head Not Popping Up in Edwardsville, IL

sprinkler head issues in edwardsville il
fixing problems with sprinkler heads

One of the most important parts of any irrigation system in Edwardsville, IL is the sprinkler system. Without it, you would have to manually water your lawn. You may have noticed that your sprinkler head is not popping up as it should. A typical sprinkler head will last you for about 8 to 15 years, but other factors can lead it to need repairs in order to operate properly. If it is not popping up and you are still not sure why, we will detail some common reasons why this can happen.

The Sprinkler Head is Damaged

Over the course of time, the sprinkler head on your sprinkler system can become broken or damaged. This can be from it being damaged by something you did like running over it with your lawnmower or a rock or piece of debris struck it too hard. Once damaged they will not spray water as they should. If it is cracked or broken, you are much better off buying a new one to replace your broken one.

Damaging Clogs

One problem that many sprinkler heads can run into is clogs. Considering that your sprinkler system is outside, there is plenty of dirt, debris, insects, twigs, and other things in your Edwardsville, IL lawn that can get stuck in your sprinkler can cause it to perform poorly. To unclog your sprinkler, just remove the head and clean the debris out. Be sure to check it for debris regularly.

sprinkler head clogs and other issues

Misalignment Issues

If your sprinkler head becomes misaligned, it can cause it to fail to pop up when they need to. These misalignments can happen due to damage over time from accidents to damage caused by the weather. When misaligned, they will appear to be retracted normally, but in reality, they will be stuck in the soil. To fix this, you will have to dig around the head and straighten it to be perpendicular to the sprinkler line. Once this is done, you need to add some extra soil around the head so there is no risk of this happening again.

There are many other reasons why your sprinkler head is not popping up when you need it to. If you have any more questions about how to fix this issue or need someone to assist you with fixing components of your sprinkler system in Edwardsville, IL, give our team of reputable professionals over at Diversified Services a call today!

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