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Sprinkler systems provide a valuable option for O’Fallon IL homeowners and business owners who want to enjoy beautiful lawns year-round without having to spend an overabundance of time and energy achieving that goal. While professionally laid and well-maintained sprinkler system can generally be expected to last twenty years or more without needing any costly repairs, the truth is that almost all systems will eventually need some attention from a professional. Here are some signs that your sprinkler system needs a repair.

Saturated Soil

When your sprinkler system is working properly, your soil should be soft and moist. If the soil is saturated with water or if you have standing water on your lawn even when the weather is dry, then it’s likely that your sprinkler system has developed a leak. Left unattended, this oversaturation can cause damage to your grass and landscaping and increase your water bill.

Wet Concrete

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Are you seeing moisture on your concrete? If your sidewalk or driveway is damp or wet, this may indicate a problem. You don’t need to pay to water your concrete, so this definitely isn’t a problem to ignore!

Inconsistent Watering

Do some areas of your yard receive more water than others? While brown spots in your yard can be a sign of disease, if they are developing between sprinkler heads, it is more likely that your system is malfunctioning. An irrigation specialist ensures proper alignment of your sprinkler heads.

A sprinkler system is a great time- and money-saver for busy households, but a malfunctioning system can cost significantly. Over time, even the smallest leak can damage your lawn and waste an enormous amount of water. If you think that your system needs a repair or you’d like to schedule routine maintenance, contact Diversified Services today. Our specialists provide the fast, professional service you deserve!

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