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Ask Diversified Services how irrigation services can help keep landscapes looking lush, save you time, and conserve resources for watering.

Illinois Metro Eeast Lawn Sprinkler Systems & Drainage Control Solutions

Providing sales, service, installation & repair of sprinkler and drainage control systems.

Enjoy the convenience of irrigation service.

We offer trained professionals that provide design, sale, installation & repair of sprinkler systems. See how we can help you save time and resources while cultivating a beautiful landscape.

Eliminate your landscape drainage control issues.

Do storms leave large, unsightly puddles in your lawn? Don’t risk damage to your landscaping. Call Diversified Services for grading, erosion control, and more to get your drainage problems under control.

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Water Conservation

Effectively drought-proof your lawn by replacing the sprinkler heads with a more efficient option, the Rain Bird rotary nozzle. Swap out your current controller with a modern unit that understands how to provide optimal watering times and levels that your landscape needs. In our professional opinion, we recommend the Toro, Rain Bird, and Weathermatic controllers.

Sprinkler System Repair and Replacement

Diversified Services troubleshoots, repair and installs valves and all types of sprinkler heads, including gear-drive, impact, and pop-up style. With our help, you can eliminate dry spots and dead patches in your lawn.

Broken or Leaking Pipes

If your system is suffering from a broken or leaky pipe, it becomes an annoyance and results in an increasingly higher water bill. You can even be fined in certain situations. Our team has experience in locating sprinkler system problems and resolving them.

Electrical/Wiring Problems

If you have old or faulty wiring, then the result could be a failure in your sprinkler system. We have experience when it comes to troubleshooting electrical problems that are present because of faulty wiring. Whether it’s a chewed-up wire or a corroded connection, we can identify and fix the problem quickly!

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Which System is for You?

The ideal irrigation system for you and your lawn depends on your goals and what and where you’re trying to deliver hydration. The two main sprinkler systems are high- and low-flow, and depending on what you are looking for, you may need either one or a combination. For instance, if you have plants that only need a minimal amount of water for a long duration, a drip system might work best. This allows you to both, manually control or set up an automatic system.

If your plants need more water, overhead sprinklers may be best. The great benefit of overhead sprinklers is the equal distribution of water, which helps eliminate patches of brown grass and dead spots. Having an overhead sprinkler is a good way to ensure that your entire landscape is beautiful and green.

Stick to the Professionals for Your Sprinkler Needs

If you need a sprinkler system installed, you might want to rely on the experienced professionals at Diversified Services. We have irrigation experts that thoroughly examine your lawn to determine where your water mains are; otherwise, you run the risk of rupturing a pipe, which only results in more problems, time, and money. When it comes to installing a sprinkler system, there is a lot of room for error. Therefore, it is important to get it right the first time. Which is where Diversified Services comes into play. Avoid unnecessary mistakes – contact us today!

Diversified Services Help You See and Save Green!

At Diversified Services, we pride ourselves in our competitive prices without sacrificing quality. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to cut costs by providing inferior solutions or slow response times, but that isn’t our way. We’ve built a reputation on providing customers with professional-grade service, affordable prices and are committed to customer service.

With our state-of-the-art irrigation system, you can kiss the days of you having to hose your yard by hand goodbye. After we are done, the result is a beautiful, blooming yard that doesn’t seem like such a chore to maintain it. Contact Diversified Services to speak with the experts and schedule a consultation today. Your yard will be green in no time.
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Call For A Free, Professional Consultation And Estimate For Your Project.

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