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Lawn & Turf Management Promote Optimal Yard Health.

Diversified offers proper maintenance from detail-oriented professionals that ensure your lawn always looks its very best.

Your Local Lawn Maintenance Professionals

We offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services that include irrigation, fertilization, weed control, pest control, and other general maintenance tasks.

Exceptional value without sacrificing quality.

Unfortunately, your lawn and landscaping need regular maintenance to stay lush and healthy. Don’t waste your time, call Diversified Services for regular lawn maintenance that makes your well-manicured yard sure to impress your neighbors.

What keeps turf healthy?

The health of your lawn is based on a variety of factors that include irrigation, drainage, sunlight, phosphorous levels, and more. Our staff understands this complex science and provides proper care, fertilization, irrigation, etc. to ensure you enjoy a beautiful yard, year ‘round.

Our Lawn Maintenance Program Includes:

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5 Custom Annual Lawn Care Programs Available

Diversified Services provides additional services for a one-time, yearly application or if you are looking to improve your lawn care package. Get in touch with our professional landscapers for more details about our packages and a free lawn inspection and analysis.

Are you tired of being envious toward your neighbor’s lawn care routine? Pick up the phone and contact Diversified Services and soon, it will be your neighbor who is envious. Our landscape and irrigation professionals have years of lawn care experience and are committed to your lawn and transitioning it into a glowing green pasture. Reach out to your local lawn care professionals today and schedule your free lawn evaluation!

Believe it or not, achieving a healthy, vibrant lawn isn’t as easy as it may seem. Therefore, locals need professional assistance from Diversified Services to get their landscape headed in the right direction. We are proud to provide our clients with free estimates, superior services, and a team of professionals that deliver quality service with a smile!

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Diversified Services offer a multitude of landscape and irrigation services to improve your lawn. Read below to see how we can help:

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Sodding and Re-sodding

If you are looking for fast, effective results, sodding is the way to go. After winter, it is common for lawns to be more brown than green. Applying a new layer of sod helps save time because it avoids the wait time of grass growing, and it’s convenient because sod can be applied, depending on the type, whenever.


Having your lawn aerated helps allow your grass to receive a greater concentration of oxygen, water, and other minerals that are critical for grass to grow strong and healthy. Aeration works best in early or late spring or fall; it just depends on the climate. Contact Diversified Services before it is too late!


Having to stand in your yard with a hose, and worrying about whether the entirety of your landscape is sufficiently watered can get annoying. Luckily, Diversified Services is here to help! We can install a top-notch automatic irrigation system or can hand water your plants ourselves. Set up an irrigation schedule that works best for you with our lawn care professionals.


In some cases, your lawn might need a boost from the fertilization services that we offer. Aside from our fertilizer being a food source for your plants, it also provides them with the vital nutrients that they need in order to thrive. Fertilizers are a great way to provide plants with the nutrients they need to stay strong.

Fertilizer Experts That Can Transform Your Garden

While most people may consider fertilizer to be nothing more than a food source for their plants, fertilizer is so much more. Fertilizers are what allow your plants to obtain the critical nutrients that they need in order to prosper, providing them with an essential boost. Get in touch with our lawn care professionals at Diversified Services to help you make an informed decision about the ideal fertilizer for your garden.

The reason many gardens require fertilization is that the soil isn’t healthy enough on its own to support the variety of plants and flowers that help enhance your landscape’s curb appeal. When done carefully and professionally, fertilizers can be the key component of transitioning your landscape into a beautiful green that displays vibrant flowers – the goal of many homeowners when it comes to their lawns.

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Boost Your Soil Health with Fertilizer

Don’t think of fertilizer as just a food source for your plants, instead, imagine it as a source of nutrition that puts your garden on a path towards success. For instance, if your plants seem to be stunted, they could be lacking in nitrogen which results in their inability to produce new cells and thus, is unable to grow properly. Diversified Services has extensive knowledge and experience servicing gardeners, which means we can provide you with professional insight on how to produce a flourishing garden.

Think of it this way – if you haven’t eaten all day – your body will be lacking in the vital nutrients it needs to produce energy. If your plants are hungry, the same thing happens to them. They can’t function like they are supposed to and start to deteriorate.

Learn to Work with Your Soil

Sometimes, despite you doing everything in your power; nature can work against you. For example, if the pH in your soil is either too basic or too acidic, it may not be able to support your plant life which means your garden will fail before it even starts. For the best-case scenario, you want your soil’s pH level to be at 6.5. Diversified Services is here for you. A good source to achieve the ideal pH level is compost, there is also a range of other combinations that can increase or decrease the acidity of your soil.

If you aren’t sure what your soil’s acidity level is, Diversified Services knows how to test your soil and find out. Call us today and speak with experienced horticulturists to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Call For A Free, Professional Consultation And Estimate For Your Project.

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