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Established in 1982, Diversified Services has become the Metro East leader in landscaping and lawn irrigation systems. Our skilled team uses their experience to transform yards all over the area with proper care and maintenance and a variety of professional landscaping services. Open Monday – Thursday, 7 am – 5 pm, and Friday at 8 am – 3 pm, we’re the local, trusted choice for:

Feel free to contact our staff with your questions, or read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!

Landscaping & Lawn Irrigation FAQs

A: Yes, Diversified Services is licensed, bonded, and fully insured for all services we provide. This question is vital when you hire any contractor to work at your home. additionally, landscapers operate equipment and machinery that could be a liability; making it necessary to protect our employees and equipment, as well as you and your family, from harm.

A: Regardless of what project you’re having done, it’s always important to find proof of a contractor’s claims to quality work before hiring. A reputable company should have no issue providing references and examples upon request. Diversified Services is happy to provide any additional references. Also, we invite you to check out our gallery page and Facebook page for examples.

A: In order to achieve the detail and quality we’re known for, the time to completion changes depending on materials, the scale of the project, material delivery, and other factors. At the time of your consultation, Diversified Services will give you an estimated completion date. Most projects only take a day or two, however, more extensive projects may take 2-3 weeks or more.

A: Reliable contractors understand the nature of the work better than anyone and should be able to help you through the permit process. Additionally, county, project, and more. At Diversified Services, we know these things aren’t common knowledge, and we do the legwork for you to ensure no important steps get skipped during the consultation & design phases of your project.

A: This depends, almost entirely, on what you’d like to be done. Size of the project, choice pf materials, and other factors all impact your budget. While we can tell you that a quality landscaping project can have positive effects on home value and resale value, this is also dependent on your specific project. The professionals at Diversified Services can speak with you about what projects and materials, typically, add the most value.

A: Depending on the project, warranties on workmanship and materials are available. This includes a 1-year replacement warranty on plants.

A: A detailed drawing is the most efficient way to propose, augment, and finalize plans for your project. Yes, Diversified Services provides scaled, professional drawings of the proposed plans for your review. This gives customers more control over the outcome of their design. However, a fee may be applied to the final cost – depending on the scale of the project and the amount of detail and planning required.

A: Each project requires a unique staff to achieve the desires of the customer. Furthermore, we have a full-time staff available for design, consultation, and irrigation work, and we utilize seasonal professionals to complete landscape construction. The number and type of workers used for your project will depend on the project you commission.

A: Unfortunately, many contractors don’t make customer communication a priority until something goes wrong. At Diversified Services, we know you care about the process, and we make every effort to answer all phone calls and return any missed calls within the same day. We even accept emergency phone calls on the weekend.

A: You should choose the contractor that aligns with your desires and goals. If you’re interested in a budget project, then hiring the cheapest contractor may be the best option, but beware; you get what you pay for. Luckily, Diversified Services takes pride in their design and consultation process, allowing customers to customize their project to fit their needs and their budget. We’re always happy to help you through the planning stage of any project.

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