How to Landscape a Highland, IL Yard That Doesn’t Have Grass

How to Landscape a Highland, IL Yard That Doesn’t Have Grass


A yard in Highland, IL that does not have grass is still able to be landscaped. Allowing for it to still have curb appeal. Most traditional yards have a layer of grass; however, some areas may not have great soil for grass. Everything affects your yard’s ability to have grass ranging from the soil to the climate. Even if sod is an option for you, lawn-less landscaping has become popular, allowing for a reduction of chemical fertilizers and irrigation. This is by opting for native plants to serve as the ground cover. No matter whether you need or want to landscape your yard, not having grass can seem like a hard task. However, you do have a few options including ground cover, gravel, rocks, and other options to create a yard that is perfect for your home.

Depending on your home’s location, and property size, you have several options that you should consider when having your property landscaped.

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Mulch Landscaping

If you want your yard to be turned into a garden paradise, you can add mulch to the area. From there you can plant only the flowers you want to see regularly. This mulch bed-style yard will act as a weed barrier, and underneath it will not allow grass to grow, which will help prevent weeds from having access to sunlight. Adding the mulch to either side of your pathways allows you to create a walk-through garden that you and your guests will enjoy.

Rock and Gravel Landscaping Style

Some yards on your property may not be large enough to keep up with regular grass-mowing maintenance. This is where switching to rock or gravel landscaping may come in handy. Rock landscaping comes in a variety of rock sizes and types, which allows you to have as little or as much of your lawn covered as you would like. Rock landscaping is a low-maintenance yard since it is a natural ground cover. You are able to maintain erosion levels and conserve the water that is on your property. Also having a rock or gravel landscaping can allow you to control the foot traffic that is happening on your lawn.

Ground Cover Yard Style

A common option that works well, especially in warmer climates is the option to use ground cover plants. This allows you to reduce the erosion on your property as well as absorb water naturally. Also, this means that your lawn does not need to be mowed and that your ground cover will grow throughout the year. Several plants that work for ground cover include:

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  • Asiatic Jasmine
  • Blue Daze
  • Coral Creeper
  • Mondo Grass
  • Sunshine Mimosa
  • Perennial Peanuts

The ground cover plants do not get very high, which allows you to still be able to walk through your yard. Some ground cover plants such as Asiatic jasmine have a high tolerance for food traffic, which makes it ideal for families with pets and children.

If you are wanting to switch to an alternative style of landscaping, make sure you give our team at Diversified Services a call today!