Ways To Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Summer in Collinsville, IL

Ways To Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Summer in Collinsville, IL

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During the fall and winter in Collinsville, IL, irrigation is not on the priority list for many homeowners. One thing many fail to prepare for is the summer when irrigation is important for keeping your lawn looking good. Having a working sprinkler system in the summer is important to ensure your lawn looks presentable. Over the previous summer or perhaps during the fall or winter, your sprinkler system could have been damaged, which will keep it from working when you need it the most. Here we want to give some tips for how to prepare your sprinkler system for the summer.

Repairing the Head or the Nozzle on Your Sprinkler System

Have you noticed that when you start using your sprinkler again to water your lawn in Collinsville, IL, after the winter that your sprinkler can’t quite reach the same spots it used to be able to hit previously? It is possible that your sprinkler’s head or nozzle could have been damaged between the changing seasons. There can be dirt or debris that blocks water from coming out or the internal components may have been damaged and will need to be repaired more thoroughly to get working properly again. Be sure you check your sprinkler system’s head or nozzle before you start using it to water your lawn again.

Check that The Ground Has Thawed Enough

One important step that you ought to check before starting to use your sprinkler system again is if the ground has completely thawed. You need to be sure that the grown has thawed up to 12 inches, otherwise, using your sprinkler can cause the underground pipes to break. You can check this by using a shovel and looking at the condition of the ground before you turn your system on.

Checking Your Rain Shut-Off Device


One tool that helps more sophisticated irrigation systems is a rain shut-off device. It helps detect rain fall and will send a signal to the controller to shut off the sprinkler system whenever it rains outside. The device itself uses a small cork disc which will expand when it gets wet in order to hit a button to send the signal to skip the next scheduled watering. It’s always a good practice to inspect your rain shut-off device prior to using it for the upcoming summer.

These are not the only ways that you can prepare your sprinkler system for use in the summer. Looking for company who can assist you with your irrigation problems in Collinsville, IL? Give our team of experts over at Diversified Services a call today!