Above-Ground Irrigation Systems vs Underground Irrigation Systems in Millstadt, IL

Above-Ground Irrigation Systems vs Underground Irrigation Systems in Millstadt, IL

above-ground vs underground irrigation systems in Millstadt, IL
Millstadt, IL above ground irrigation system

It is easy to understand that both above-ground and underground irrigation systems work in the same way. They are both used to irrigate or water your Millstadt, IL lawn. As their names imply, the difference between these two systems is in how they are installed. They also operate differently from one another. Here we wanted to talk about the differences between above-ground and underground irrigation systems and how they both help you take care of your lawn.

Above-Ground Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems installed above-ground are not the most popular of the two when it comes to how it makes your yard look with there being a sprinkler system sitting in your Millstadt, IL yard. Your yard hose is also likely going to be connected to the above-ground irrigation system. This can pose a tripping hazard in your yard. Despite it being visually unappealing in your yard to have equipment being used just laying out in the open, it is by far the easiest way to run an irrigation system. You will, however, need to manually turn your on and off your system. You will also have to set where you want your sprinkler to spray. This can make it harder to judge the right amount of water needed in each area of your yard to keep everything evenly watered. It is an overall simpler way to run an irrigation system in your yard, it just takes more involvement.

underground irrigation system Millstadt, IL

Underground Irrigation Systems

Underground irrigation systems are comprised of sprinkler heads that rest underground, then pop up when it’s time to irrigate. Once the area has been ordered, the sprinklers will go back into the ground. Considering that there is no equipment laying around in the yard, this option is the most visually pleasing of the two. This type of irrigation system is also convenient to use as all the homeowner has to do is set the timer for their sprinklers. Installation of these systems can, however, cause damage to your lawn and it can tear up the already existing grass. It is also the more expensive of the two types of systems to have in your yard. While you will not have to worry about manually running your system, you will still need to find time to properly maintain your system.

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