Choosing the Right Sprinkler for Your Alton, IL Yard

Choosing the Right Sprinkler for Your Alton, IL Yard


Looking at setting up a sprinkler system in your Alton, IL yard? There are many options for sprinkler systems you can have set up in your yard. Each type is tailored to handle different types of yards in order to properly water your yard and reduce wasting your time and water. Here we will be discussing different types of sprinkler systems to consider for your yard.

Sprinkler System

Some Considerations

Before you run out to buy any sprinkler system you see, there are some things you need to consider. How big is the land you want your system to cover? Do you have long-term plans to stay on the land? What is the soil like on your land? What is your budget? Do you need something that is easy to operate? Think about these questions and do your research before buying a sprinkler system.

Above-Ground and Below-Ground Sprinklers

Among the many types of sprinklers, there are ones that are above ground, and others that are below the ground. Above-ground sprinklers are simple to set up and move on your own. The downside is that these sprinklers require you to have to bring out and put up your hose every time you want to use your sprinkler. Sprinklers below the ground do not require you to have a hose running in your yard since your sprinkler will be connected to your water line via pipes that are also underground. It is, however, a lot harder and more expensive to install.

Stationary or Traveling Sprinklers


The mobility options a sprinkler system can provide can be attractive for some. You may want to consider traveling sprinklers if you like this option or go with a stationary sprinkler. Traveling sprinklers will move around your yard using your hose and water to propel themselves. It helps cover more areas and is attractive for those living in Alton, IL. They are pricey, however, and they may not be that helpful for smaller lawns. A stationary system will stay put where you place it and will cover the areas it can reach. They are a cheaper option and great for small areas, however, they can occasionally create puddles.

There are many other sprinkler systems out there these were just a couple of examples. If you are looking for more options or need help installing a sprinkler system in your Alton, IL yard, give our team over at Diversified Services a call today!

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