Fertilizing Your Lawn in The Spring in Sparta, IL

Fertilizing Your Lawn in The Spring in Sparta, IL

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One thing that many homeowners are unaware of in Sparta, IL is that the right time to put fertilizer down on their lawn during the spring depends on what kind of grass they have. The two types of grass that factor into this is cool- and warm-season grass. Cool season grasses, lawns that strive well in the cooler temperatures, are better to fertilize in the fall at the peak of their growing season. If you missed out on fertilizing it in the fall, you could always use slow-release fertilizer in the spring for it. Warm season grasses, grass that strives better in warmer temperatures, are best fertilized during the spring. If you are ready to fertilize your grass this spring, check out some of these tips before you get started.

Be Cautious With How You Handle Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an essential part of keeping your lawn as green and health-looking as it can be. It is important, however, to remember to handle any kind of fertilizer with proper care with proper safety measures. Make sure you read the instructions printed on the packaging before you start. Wear gloves and safety glasses whenever you are handling fertilizer, as fertilizers contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and eyes. Whenever you are spreading fertilizer on your lawn, make sure that you keep your pets and any children you live with inside or out of the area. Make sure that after you are done applying fertilizer to perform proper clean up on your garden equipment, walkways, and even the soles of the shoes you were wearing. Make sure that you store the rest of the fertilizer away from children and pets.

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Hiring A Professional

If you need fertilizer spread on your lawn but cannot do it yourself, you can always rely on the services of your local landscaping professionals in Sparta, IL. Professional landscapers have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done properly for you. They will not only get the job done as efficiently as possible but will also ensure that safety is ensured not only for them but for you and the ones you live with. Do not hesitate to contact professional landscapers in your area if you need their assistance.

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