Hardscape Projects for Glen Carbon Illinois Homes


There’s nothing more satisfying than giving your home a facelift, and landscaping is a great way to do that. Aside from making your lawn look good and adding gardens to your yard, you can also add stylish functional features. If you’re looking to give your Glen Carbon, Illinois, home a new look, check out some of these great fall hardscape projects.


One of the best things you can do to give your home a completely new look in terms of hardscapes is to add a patio or redo yours. Not only are patios a great spot to hang out and entertain guests, but they can also make or break a home’s landscaping. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect patio.

Pavers are one of the patio options that are becoming increasingly popular due to how customizable they are. Not only can you find pavers in lots of different colors and styles, but those pavers can also be arranged in tons of different patterns to give your patio a unique shape and look.

One thing you might want to consider with your patio is putting a cover over it. Patios are becoming increasingly popular as indoor-outdoor living spaces, and a good cover almost makes it feel like you’re inside.

Fire Pits

With winter coming up and temperatures continuing to drop, installing a fire pit is another good project to tackle during the fall. Sure, you can get a small portable fire pit to simply place on your patio, but it won’t look nearly as good as a custom fire pit.

Fire pits are one of the coolest hardscapes because they’re so customizable. No matter what type of look or shape you want in a fire pit, you can have it built that way if you choose the right landscaping professional. You can choose different colors and shapes of stone, different shapes for your fire pit, and any additional features you want. For example, some fire pits have a lot of flat surfaces around the outside, so you and your guests have somewhere to set your drinks while you relax.

hardscaping project

Make the Leap for New Hardscape Projects

If you’re thinking about doing some landscaping this fall to make your home look a little better, hardscapes are a great choice. Whether you want to completely redo your patio or simply add a fire pit or retaining wall, there’s never a better time than now. If you want to get started today on planning your fall hardscape projects, give Diversified Services a call at (618) 654-5106.