Sprinkler System

A Guide to Your Highland IL Sprinkler System:

Do you see homes with automatic sprinklers watering their entire yard and wondering how that could possibly work? Even with your flower beds, gardens, and any other greenery could be watered in a blink of an eye.

You’re in luck! By reading along, we want to show you how sprinklers work and different types as well! We will also teach you everything you need to know about different zones and which sprinklers you need for each zone.

Different Sprinkler Zones:

With having an irrigation system that is installed in your yard, the irrigation company will then evaluate your yard and any of your watering needs by looking at the different areas that you need to get water to.

As an example, let’s think about the grass at your house. Along with grass, you could potentially have bushes and flowers as well. Some people even have tomatoes or roses that will grow on the side of your home.

Home Sprinkler System Highland ILIn each area, there are unique watering needs that get broken in the different zones. Each of the zones will then be set up with different sprinkler heads and watering systems to then make sure water covers that specific area.

Your shrubs and bushes will need less water than any of your grassy areas. An irrigation specialist will then consider whether the zone is in the sun or the shade. Is there a hill or slope in the yard where water run-off might become an issue?

Once the irrigation system is then installed, it can then be sent to each zone so that they all then get water for the period that best fits. Perhaps you then want larger grassy areas to run longer than a flower bed on a drip system, for example.

Once there is a map of the zones that you will need, you then need to decide how many and what different types of sprinklers go in the different zones.


Types of Sprinklers To Consider for Your Zones:

Home Irrigation SystemOnce armed with a zone map, you then need to consider what and where you need to place your sprinklers as well as where to place them within reach of the zones. You then also want to set up zones knowing that you can cover the different areas and that the zones are somewhat equal.

An irrigation company can evaluate your water pressure and how many gallons per minute of water can come from your water system. This helps them to consider not only how many sprinklers to put in each of the zones, but also how long they will then water once you have them installed.

As they then consider types of sprinklers, the irrigation specialists will then look at how the water covers the area when the sprinklers are on. They want to be sure that no area’s missed with watering.

Spray Head Sprinklers:

Different spray head often pops up out of an irrigation system when are watering. They water with a fan-like pattern from the sprinkler head. You can even imagine the water coming from a showerhead in a spray like fashion, this is how the spray head sprinklers work.

These sprinklers can be set so this covers a total of 360 area from the sprinkler head. They can also be adjusted so they only cover part of the area if that is desired as well. Most sprinkler heads come with different heads, but they can cover 90, 120, 180, 210, and 360-degree areas.


These are just a few of the many tips you can investigate! More questions? Call us today for the help you need at (618) 654-5106

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