Improving the Water Pressure in Your Sprinkler System in Trenton, IL

Improving the Water Pressure in Your Sprinkler System in Trenton, IL

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If your sprinkler does not have enough water pressure in it, it will not be able to reach the rest of your lawn. This overwaters everything close to your sprinkler while everything else is left dehydrated. Don’t let low pressure in your sprinkler system harm your Trenton, IL lawn. Here we will discuss changes you can make and things you can fix in order to improve the pressure in your sprinkler system.

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Check Your Sprinkler Heads

One of the most obvious first things to check when determining the cause of low pressure in your sprinkler system is to check the sprinkler’s head to make sure it is not clogged or improperly adjusted. It’s common for dirt and other debris to get on your sprinkler head over time. You may notice this if your sprinkler system is spraying nowhere at all or is only spraying out of one side. This is why you should regularly check it to make sure it stays clean. If you think your sprinkler systems head may have become misaligned, it is best to contact a professional who can help you get it properly adjusted again.

Inspect Your Valves

When your sprinkler system is lacking pressure in your yard in Trenton, IL, it could be an issue with your valve. If there is an issue with the way the valve works, it will not apply the correct amount of pressure. There are serval types of valves used in every sprinkler system. The main line water valve is what brings the city’s water into your house’s water line. The backflow prevention valve is used to separate your home’s primary line from the sprinkler system. The zone valve is what controls the zones of your sprinkler system.

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Fix Faulty or Blocked Water Lines

If your pipes are broken and are leaking water, chances are this is going to greatly reduce pressure in your sprinkler system. Line leaks are typically easy to patch, you will need to dig to get to them. You will find the leaks where standing water is. A line leak can be tricky to find sometimes and may require a professional to take a look at it.

If you are having pressure issues with your sprinkler system in Trenton, IL, give our team of professionals over at Diversified Services a call today! We provide many different services and can get your sprinkler system operating in tip-top shape again.

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