At Home Irrigation System in O’Fallon Illinois

Making sure your lawn gets enough water is the best way to keep it looking healthy, which plays a huge role in the curb appeal of your O’Fallon, Illinois, home. If you’re looking for the best way to keep your lawn watered and green, here’s what you need to know about choosing the right irrigation system.

Drip vs. Sprinkler

One of the first decisions you have to make when you’re investing in an irrigation system is whether you want a drip system or a sprinkler system. While there are benefits to both systems, the size of land you need to water should be a big factor in the type of irrigation you choose. If you have a large, flat piece of land you need to water, sprinkler irrigation works better. However, drip irrigation is a little more conservative and does a better job of providing precise amounts of water to picky plants.


In order for your irrigation to automate the lawn care process, it uses controllers to tell the sprinklers or drip system when to turn on. While setting these timers used to be a little more of a hassle, there are plenty of controllers that allow you to control your sprinkler system from your smartphone.

Irrigation Laws

With the growing scarcity of water, irrigation laws are something you have to keep in mind. While most places—Illinois included—allow you to irrigate your lawn and garden, that can always change during a drought. If you’re planning on investing in an irrigation system, make sure you stay abreast of the current situation in terms of irrigation laws.

Irrigation SystemMaintenance

Just like anything else in or around your home, irrigation systems need to be maintained if you want them to last a long time. The good news is, you’ll have plenty of time to keep an eye out for problems and have a professional fix them since your lawn care is mostly automated with an irrigation system. Aside from having your system maintained regularly, you should also have your landscaping company look at any leaks or other problems when you notice them.

The Simple Route

Keeping up with regular lawn maintenance can be a pain, but irrigation systems make it a lot easier. If you want to take some of the hassle out of lawn care while saving on your water bill, talk to an expert at Diversified Services about installing an irrigation system.

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