Keeping Your Highland, IL Grass Healthy All Year Long

Keeping Your Highland, IL Grass Healthy All Year Long


Keeping your grass looking healthy all year long is something that everyone wants to achieve. However, some people may question how to keep the beauty of their lawn throughout all seasons. Thankfully, at Diversified Services, we have great tips for you to follow so you do not have to question them anymore.



In the spring, it is important to seed the grass in any bare spots. It is almost important to fertilize during this season. Being right after winter, you need to put in some work to get that grass back to its luscious green look.

Once the soil starts to warm up and the rainfall increases, the seeds will start to grow into brand-new grass. One thing to note is that during this process, you should also aerate the lawn. After the seeds have sprouted and the grass has grown, you can now mow. However, don’t mow too much off in the spring. It’s best to only about an inch, weekly.

Summer Lawn Care

In the summer, the heat from the sun can really create issues with your grass. During this season there are some important things to remember. Mow regularly, and water the lawn often to keep its green look. You could also fertilize it, but you must keep it watered well. Irrigation systems are great for keeping your lawn watered. At Diversified Services, we specialize in providing irrigation and drainage solutions. If you need some help, give us a call!

One other important tip for summer lawn care is to weed. During this process, make sure you are digging up the root to completely get rid of it. Most importantly, if you use chemicals to kill weeds, avoid them during droughts.



Fall is all about getting your lawn ready for the winter months. This care is a lot of prepping, and important, as it will keep your lawn in great shape throughout the tough winter months. Make sure you rake and remove your leaves, fertilize, and aerate.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Diversified Services in Highland, Illinois for any of your landscape needs. We can help you keep your lawn looking pristine and healthy all year long. Give us a call at (618) 654-5106. We are available Monday-Thursday 7 to 5 pm, and Friday 8 to 3 pm.

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