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4 Gifts You Give Your Yard By Hiring a Lawn Care Company

As Christmas time nears, it seems as if everyone is buying, giving and receiving this time of the year. However, we don’t usually think of giving our lawn a Christmas gift. However, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you hire a professional lawn care company to maintain your yard and ensure it grows lush and strong all year long. While you may think you have your lawn care under control, here are four gifts you can give by hiring a professional to do what they do best!


You may think that spraying your yard with a hose a couple times a week will suffice, but you’d be wrong. Irrigation is vital to a green and happy lawn – especially during times of drought or low rain. However, a professional lawn care company understands when your lawn needs water and when it does not. They can even install and program an irrigation system that will ensure your yard gets the moisture it needs on schedule without you every having to lift a finger.


While it is possible to seed yourself, you won’t have the knowledge of a professional, which could cause some mistakes to be made. Hiring a professional lawn care company means hiring a technician that understands the best time of the year to seed, the best type of seed mix for your grass, and how to best care for that seed after it’s been spread!


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What does it take to grow a lawn that’s green and strong? Well, your local lawn care professional should know the best fertilizers and techniques to use to ensure your lawn has the right nutrients to grow throughout summer season and stay strong during the winter.

Weed Control

While cultivating the rapid growth of your lawn, a local lawn care company also has the resources to stop the growth of invasive weeds that damage your grass and your curb appeal. In addition, they know the right herbicides to use to ensure they kill the weeds, but not your grass!


Another important gift you can give your lawn is core aeration. While aeration isn’t an impossible DIY job, it does involve the use of some heavy or unfamiliar equipment. Furthermore, the local pro knows the best time for aeration and how maximize its effectiveness!

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