block retaining wall maryville il

There are only about 7,500 people in Maryville, IL. However, almost every one of them goes to great lengths to make their home inviting. A big part of that is landscaping the property, which may be a larger job than you think. Hillsides and garden enclosures, for example, often need retaining walls, and the local zoning laws may demand retaining walls for certain home improvement projects. What are retaining walls? Why do you need them? What are they made from, and how can you find reliable retaining wall builders?

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a piece of masonry that bears the weight of dirt, rock or a building above it. Imagine you have a house on a hillside, and you want to build a guest cottage near the edge of the property. The extra weight of that might push down too hard on the soil and cause a landslide on the slope of the hill. By building retaining walls down the slope, you can bind the hill together somewhat and counteract the downward force of the extra retaining wall maryville il

Projects That Might Need Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be used to shore up buildings in this way. Also, walls built to lighter standards serve aesthetic purposes. In the former case, a really heavy-duty, load-bearing retaining wall must be built. Concrete retaining walls are a common and affordable option, though many people prefer the look of brick retaining walls. Non-load-bearing walls — or walls with only a light load — can be built from lighter stuff, such as redwood slats for a garden. Block retaining walls may be the most flexible, with some designs optimized for bearing heavyweights and others for aesthetic appeal.

Finding Reputable Retaining Wall Builders

Aside from some really lightweight projects, you probably can’t build your own retaining walls. You must conform to strict building codes and tolerance figures. If you have a project planned in the Maryville, IL, area that requires retaining walls, we can help. Put in a call today for a consultation about your retaining wall project, and to find out what your options are for effective, safe and affordable retaining wall construction.