sprinkler problems

Sprinkler systems are a common mechanical piece of equipment in the average home. However, due to its mechanical nature, it will need regular preventive maintenance and attention to ensure it is working in perfect condition. If your system is not working as well as it should, there could be one of several common problems that can be easily identified and fixed. If you feel as if your sprinkler is experiencing one of these problems, contact your local irrigation and sprinkler company, so that the issue can be solved quickly.

Damaged Pipe Sprinkler Problemssprinkler problems

Cracked or broken pipes are a common issue that can happen. A clue to identifying this problem would be a gradual drop in pressure or pools of water around the lawn where the pope passes. Since pipes for most home sprinkler systems are made from PVC, regular pressure exposure could slowly crack the pipes.

Another reason that broken pipes can happen is if a car is regularly going over the ground above the water pipes. The compaction and constant downward push can bend, crack, distort, or even break the pipe. Another pressure would be from plant roots, which can also cause the same issues to the pipes.

Pipes are also able to crack due to wide variations of ground temperatures. Extreme heat can cause the soil to expand albeit slightly while the cold temperatures cause contraction. Once you identify where the problem is, call your local sprinkler company and someone will come out and replace the damaged pipe.

Water Pressure Sprinkler Problems

Low Water pressure could be caused by many things including:sprinkler problems

  • Broken Pipes
  • Sprinkler System Pump Problems
  • Backflow Device has a Faulty Valve

Making sure your sprinkler system’s water pressure is normal is vital to saving time and money in the long run.

Sprinkler Head Issues

Another mechanical part of the sprinkler system that can have issues is the sprinkler heads. It is possible to break these parts due to mowing blades or other lawn edging tools. These systems are designed to pop up when the system turns on and retracts when it stops. Replacing a broken sprinkler head is fairly simple. Just unscrew the head or stem, remove it, and replace it the same way you took it off.

Besides broken sprinkler heads, clogging can also happen to your sprinkler heads as well. If your sprinkler system is underground, clogged sprinkler heads are the most common issue that can occur. Debris in the yard can easily block a sprinkler head, which leads to clogging. Clogged heads spray, uneven, interrupted, or even nonexistent. They are also highly prone to leaking.

Other Minor Sprinkler Issues

Other minor issues that can also harm your sprinkler system, costing you time and money include:

  • Sprinklers not being properly angled
  • Your sprinkler systems valve being stuck

Experiencing any of the problems we mentioned above? Call us today at Diversified Services and we can get your sprinkler system back to its perfect condition. Make sure not to wait till it becomes a major problem, as that will cost you unnecessary time and money.

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