Irrigation Sprinkler System Repairs and Replacements, When is it needed? Glen Carbon, IL

Irrigation Sprinkler System Repairs and Replacements, When is it needed? Glen Carbon, IL

irrigation sprinkler system glen carbon, il

According to experts many homeowners tend to invest at least 10% of their home’s value into their landscaping. A sprinkler system can make all the difference, sprucing up your home exterior. However, if you already have an existing system in place, it might require a few modernizations and repairs, which is when Diversified Services will come in handy.

You might choose to update the equipment and do some optimization of water pressure or completely rejuvenate the fill system. It is important to regularly update these systems as they add value and curb appeal to your home in Glen Carbon, IL. Moreover, it also keeps your lawn looking healthy and green throughout the year.

Often homeowners tend to get confused about whether they should go for a complete replacement or repair their system. If you are unsure what to do with your sprinkler system in Glen Carbon, IL, we will share a few factors that will help you determine whether you need complete replacement or repair. First, let us explore the various factors:

Signs That Your Sprinkler System Requires Repair

Irrigation Installation

If your existing sprinkler system is malfunctioning, you don’t necessarily need to do a comprehensive overhaul. There can be many reasons that would imply the requirement of a qualified service to visit your place and repair lingering issues(if any) that are hindering the performance of your system.

Sprinkler repair services are highly suited for homeowners if your system hasn’t aged much. In this case, it just requires simple optimization in order to reach its full potential. Let us talk about a few signs that will signal your sprinkler system may need repair:

Lack of Routine Maintenance

A successful irrigation system depends on the fact if your system undergoes regular and routine maintenance. However, many tend to forget to schedule as many services do not include it during the installation process. If you, too, have neglected to service the system for a long time in Glen Carbon, IL, there is a good chance that it will show signs of wear and tear more easily.

Diversified Services offer a wide range of maintenance services that are properly designed for extending the life of your existing spring system. The services might include thorough, detailed cleanings, inspections, system updates, and much more.

Improper Installation

If you notice some problems with your existing sprinkler system since it was installed, there is a good chance it was not installed properly initially. You might also notice poor coverage and wiring issues.

System Malfunctioning

Many times, you will notice that the system isn’t functioning as it should be. Some of them include damp concrete, a soggy yard, low-pressure sprinkler heads, and brown patches in the grass.

These are some of the signs that will help you determine if your sprinkler system requires repair. Worry not! Even a good-quality system can break; however, it can work as a new system with good service.

Now, let us consider different signs to help you identify if you need a brand new sprinkler system installation.

Signs That You Need New Sprinkler System

If you don’t already have a residential irrigation system in place and want to spruce up your home exterior, a new installation is definitely in order. However, there are situations when your existing system might not be properly functioning and a total replacement is required.

Low-Pressure of Water

sprinkler problems

You might notice that the sprinkler system cannot project water as efficiently as it initially could. This is what age and wear do to your system as chips or cracks in the system’s head can cause it. This is when you understand that your system requires replacement altogether.

Regular leakage from the system head

If your leakage is small, it can be easily repaired, but if it continues to spring leaks after repeatedly repairing it and becomes too frequent, it is about time you should forgo repairs and go for a complete replacement.

High water bills

Sprinkler system becomes less efficient as it ages, needing more and more water to accomplish the job efficiently. In this case, Diversified Services can help you determine whether the problem can be isolated to one section of the system or if it is time to get a new system.

Older Systems

Every home system has a lifespan, and so does the sprinkler system in Glen Carbon, IL. Even if your system is operating well, you should upgrade it soon as it would be in your best interest. It is because old technology tends to consume more energy. When you spend on a replacement, you can save a fortune in upcoming years.

These are some of the factors that decide if you should replace your system in Glen Carbon, IL. Diversified Services is here for all your lawn and landscaping needs, including sprinkler system repair and replacement. Contact us today for all of your landscaping needs!

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