Does my Granite City, IL home need a sprinkler system?

Does my Granite City, IL home need a sprinkler system?

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Here’s why your home needs a sprinkler system

Everyone wants a lush, beautiful lawn, but maintaining healthy grass in the middle of one hot summer in Granite City, IL can be a challenge. Not only does regularly watering your grass take time and energy, but it can also take a toll on your water bill. For these reasons, sprinkler systems are becoming increasingly popular for busy and budget-conscious households.

The Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

The most obvious benefit of installing a sprinkler system is the convenience it provides. Rather than spend hours every week watering your lawn, you simply set a timer so that the sprinklers automatically pop up and do the job at set times on certain days of the week. You can provide water to your lawn at the optimal time (which is usually early in the morning) and in the optimal amount.

Today’s advanced sprinkler systems detect moisture in the air or soil and adjust the watering schedule as needed. Sprinkler systems are also a big plus for homebuyers, making them a worthwhile investment in your property. Finally, your lawn will automatically be watered when you’re out of town. Don’t worry about coming home to dead grass, ever!

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The Drawbacks of Sprinkler Systems

The primary drawback of lawn irrigation systems is the perceived cost. However, with Diversified Services, we work with you to create an irrigation system that meets your needs and budget. This helps us eliminate the stress of not knowing what a sprinkler system will ultimately end up costing. ‘’

Homeowners worry about the damage a project like this causes to their landscaping. This can be avoided by installing a sprinkler system before landscaping is complete and sod is put down. If this isn’t an option, consider minimizing damage by installing the system in conjunction with another project.

The Bottom Line

Sprinkler systems provide an excellent option for homeowners who want to enjoy beautiful lawns all year long without having to worry about wasting water or spending hours every week with a hose in hand. To learn more about irrigation systems or to schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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