What to Avoid While Setting Up Your Sprinkler System in Highland, Illinois!

What to Avoid While Setting Up Your Sprinkler System in Highland, Illinois!

Sprinkler System Highland IL

What to Avoid During New Sprinkler System Installation in Highland, Illinois!

In the Metro East, having a sprinkler system is a great investment in not only your time but also your money. With a system like this, you can enjoy the different benefits of being able to enjoy your landscaping. When you decide to upgrade or install your sprinkler there are quite a few things that could possibly not go right. Doing certain things on your own is not the best choice when wanting to have a system that works correctly. Professionals at Diversified Services can make installing your system easier and more affordable than you thought. If you don’t however have someone hired to help you with your systems, there are a couple of things that could go wrong. Here is why you need assistance when starting your sprinkler system installation process.

Digging Without Checking the Ground:

It can be very dangerous if you hit an electrical cable, you can get electrocuted or even electrically charge the whole sprinkler system. Even if you hit a gas pipe, you can even start a fire. You need to always check for the location of gas pipes or electrical cables in your yard before digging the sprinkler pipes.

Sprinkler System Installation Highland IL

Watering the Grass and Beds Together:

Shrubs, ground covers, and trees have larger root systems as compared to grass. This means you only need half of the water. This is the main reason why planters and shrubs need to be watered separately from grass.

Sprinkler Head Operating in the Same Zones:

Different sprinklers have different rates of how water flows out. If you were to place a different sprinkler head in a zone that is used to a different sprinkler, you could run into the risks of having different dry spots in a watered area. This could mean that you must run a zone longer while also spending more money.

Incomplete Coverage of Head Zones:

Every different head has a maximum distance in which it can reach. This means you will need to accurately measure and install the irrigation system so that each zone has the fullest coverage possible.

Different Heads Running the Same Amount of Time:

Since all sprinkler heads have many different rates, they should not be set to run for the same amount of time. If more water comes out of the possible head, then that certain zone can run off for a shorter amount of time. If less water comes from the head, then that zone needs to run for a longer time.


Overspray is when sprinkler heads will spray water outside of a certain area. This could mean onto driveways, sidewalks, or even your neighbor’s property. Overspray can also result in wasting water. By reducing overspray, you can also conserve money and even water.

Not Doing it DIY but Hiring A Professional:

There are so many different parts when you’re doing sprinkler system installation in the Metro East. It is best to hire a professional that does this for a living and knows about all the ins and outs. Bringing in a professional company like Diversified Services. This will help you save money and not waste your time.

Complete Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System

If you’re looking for help with your Sprinkler System, that is why Diversified Services is here for you! Our trusted professionals know the odds and ends of anything and everything with landscaping and sprinkler setup. Having someone to do this for you and knowing what they are doing can also ease your mind in the long run. You can always count on Diversified Services. Needing to give us a call? We are also ready to book an appointment!

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