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Summer Landscaping Tips for Edwardsville, Illinois Homeowners

The way that you care for your home in the summer differs from the way you treat it in the fall and winter. With that said, it’s time to consider the different weather conditions your yard, trees, and plants deal with in the hotter months of the year. Due to extreme temperatures, you may find that you’re watering your lawn and garden more regularly than you do in the spring when rain is inevitably in the forecast.Summer lawn care

Hardscapes help keep plants in place and provide a perimeter for different areas of the yard. They can be made of wood, stone, and concrete, depending on your preferences. A professional landscaper can help you decide which is right for your yard and where the contractor should place the items to create your ideal outdoor environment.

How to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

The warm summer sun provides plants with plenty of opportunities to grow beautifully throughout the season. To get your yard ready for hotter, drier weather, you’ll want to come up with a plan. The suggestions listed below will help you take good care of your yard between visits from the landscaper you hired.

Summer Lawn CareSome summer landscaping tips for Edwardsville, Illinois, homes that you’ll want to follow include:

  • Don’t over water your lawn and garden. Not only does it waste a valuable resource, but it also makes it impossible for your grass and plants to grow. You’re mostly washing away all the fertilizer and nutrients in the soil that provide a healthy growing environment for greenery.
  • Don’t plant cold-season vegetables. They won’t have the right weather conditions to grow optimally. You won’t produce anything because you should plant drought-proof vegetables instead.
  • Don’t mow the grass on the lowest setting. You scalp the grass and make it more susceptible to scorching. If you don’t want ugly brown grass to deal with, let the grass grow and mow it to an acceptable length.

The way that you have your yard landscaped says a lot about you. A perfectly manicured lawn and neatly trimmed hedges add to the value of your home by increasing its curb appeal. When people walk or drive by the property, they see just how much effort you’ve put into caring for your lawn. It’s impressive!

Make the Most That You Can Out of Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Make lawn care a priority in Edwardsville, Illinois. Your home’s landscaping will be outstanding and add to the curb appeal of your beautiful residence. When you invest in tree care, something incredible happens. You have a property that is visually appealing, full of shade, and a place where you can spend time outdoors during the summer with the greatest of ease. You’re not stuck indoors all day while the sun is shining, and the kids finally have a break from school.