With the sun shining, kids outside swimming in the pool, and being able to enjoy the long summer nights, who doesn’t love this time of the year? Being done with winter is such a wonderful thing to most. It isn’t constantly cold, and everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to being outside, working on your home’s landscapinglandscaping is also a summertime project. If you are just getting started on this DIY or needing new ideas to freshen up what you already have, this blog is perfect for you. Continue reading for tips, tricks, and insights from our expert landscapers at Diversified Services.

Planting Flowers

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your home pops during the warmer season are by adding flowers around your home. Having the color and life around your home will instantly brighten up your area. They are very pleasing to look at, and will also create a safe space for wildlife, including bees, birds, and other insects. If you need tips on which flowers to choose from, and ones that suit your home the best, give our experts a call today!

Cutting Your Grass

Something that is even easier than planting flowers is maintaining your lawn by cutting the grass on a regular basis. Having your grass cut will immediately transform your area into something different. One of the first steps when it comes to basic landscaping is simply mowing and cutting. During the summertime is when you should regularly mow your lawn. This is the time of the year that your grass is lively. Experts would tell you that keeping up with your grass should be at least once a week but bi-weekly can also work to get you by. Having tall, unkempt grass will do nothing for your lawn, and be a bother to you in the long one.

Curbing your Landscaping

If you are wanting to add even more than the basics to your home, having separation from curbing is the best way to go. This will add style to your backyard, and give it a nice finishing touch. Landscaping curbing will add a decorative border around your lawn with the use of bricks, pavers, or even concrete.

Adding LightingLandscaping

Another way to enhance your landscaping is by adding lighting to your backyard. Summers should always be spent outside, so get the most out of your time by adding more of a glow. Summer nights are peaceful and should be relaxing. Having lighting to really enjoy your area will be an added bonus to your project. When it comes to landscaping lights, there are always different options to choose from. You can simply put lanterns in the ground for a walkway, or even hanging string lights to add a little extra glow. This can also reduce shadows. There are even lights that can get rid of pesky bugs like mosquitoes that hang out the most during summer nights.

No matter what your vision for your landscaping, Diversified Services is here to help you get the job done. Call us today and we can get you set up right away for your dream backyard.