landscape irrigation systems in maryville il

Here’s what you can do to become water smarter

It’s October in Maryville, Illinois, and you may have just spent the summer religiously watering your lawn with a hose, hoping to keep your yard looking healthy and pristine. While consistent watering is the key to a lush, green lawn, watering this way is the least effective way that you can go about it. There are plenty of ways to water smarter, and we’re going to tell you about them. Read more below about tips that you can use to improve landscape irrigation at your home and call the pros at Diversified Services to help implement them!

Lose the Hose

lose your hose for your landscape irrigation in maryville ilThe first step is to lose the hose. This is an inefficient way to water your yard and it involves a lot of wasted water. While you may think that you’re saving money by not hiring a company to install an irrigation system, you’ll actually be paying more in water bills over the long haul – it’s time to give up the hose!

Install an Irrigation System

The next step is to call a professional to install an irrigation system in our yard. They’ll be able to help you figure out what type of irrigation system is best and help you set it up for maximum water conservation. Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are the two choices when it comes to types of systems. Having the help of a professional can really be beneficial to your landscape – especially if you are fairly new to irrigation systems.

Use a Timer

install a landscape irrigation system in maryville ilUtilizing a timer is another good tip for helping you to conserve water and improve your landscape irrigation. By using a timer, you’ll be able to automate your system, which further cuts down on wasted water that happens when you manually water your plants. Additionally, it will cut down on the time you spend watering because you won’t actually have to do it.

Watch the Weather

Make sure you keep an eye on the weather even when you install an irrigation system. Heavy rain could give you clearance to turn the system off for a few days and further save water. Some systems will even recognize the amount of rainfall and won’t kick on unless they absolutely have to.

Always Evaluate

The final step to better irrigation at your home is to constantly evaluate your watering needs, schedule, timing and more. IF you’re always thinking about it, you’ll find new ways to conserve water and better irrigate your landscape.