Tips for Watering Your Lawn in Belleville, IL

Tips for Watering Your Lawn in Belleville, IL


One of the most important ways to keep your lawn in Belleville, IL looking presentable is by regularly watering it. One of the most important things to remember when you are watering your lawn is to water your grass at the right time. If you run your sprinkler system at the wrong time, it could cause noticeable damage to the grass on your lawn. Using too much or too little water to water your grass can also cause it to brown and potentially die. Here we want to give some general tips for watering your lawn and how to keep your grass looking great.

The Amount to Water Your Lawn

 If you are serious about keeping the grass on your lawn in Belleville, IL looking as good as it possibly can, it’s important to know how long you should water your grass for and how often. The truth of the matter is more complicated as these times can change depending on factors such as the size of your lawn or the climate of the area you live in. The time of grass you get, and the expected rainfall also play a large part in determining what time works best. A majority of lawns will require around 1 inch of water each week in order to stay healthy. If you live in an area with minimal rainfall, you might be required to water your lawn for around 20 minutes or more 5 or 6 times a week for all the areas of grass in your lawn to stay properly hydrated.

The Time of Day to Water

Watering Lawns

Just as important as it is to know how much and how often to water your lawn, you also need to consider what time of day to water your lawn. The most effective way to water your grass is early in the morning when the sun comes out. If you wait too late in the day to water your grass, it will stay wet overnight which may lead to fungal growth or diseased grass. By watering in the morning, you can also help water your grass without having to worry about the water evaporating. This can be a problem during the warmer months of the year when the water will evaporate from the heat before making it to the roots.,

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