Water-Saving Irrigation System Collinsville, IL

Water-Saving Irrigation System Collinsville, IL

Irrigation Installation

Utilizing sustainable methods is a crucial component of a water-saving irrigation system. With water becoming an increasingly scarcer resource, it needs to be conserved. Given the climate trends, gardeners in all parts of the world could face major water shortages within the next 5 years. This is why when setting up an irrigation system in your Collinsville, IL garden, you need to use methods that will save water.



By installing a productive irrigation system in your garden, you can water efficiently and aid in resource restoration. The task of watering your garden, for instance, can be divided into zones by an automated subterranean system. These zones are more compact regions with vegetation that regularly need a certain quantity of water. The vegetation that is put into these specific zones is based on their water requirement. You could have one zone where plants need water frequently, and another zone somewhere else that does not need that much water.

Water-Saving Automatic Sprinkler System

Setting up an underground irrigation system that will turn on at a scheduled time to water your garden can save water and is good for the environment. This system is made up of only two components, a controller and a shut-off device. The controller can be used to set the frequency and length of the watering. The shut-off device works as a sensor that prevents overwatering if it had rained, it would prevent the scheduled watering since it already rained.

A majority of states require new irrigation systems to be equipped with rain sensors. The sensor needs to be connected to the irrigation system either through wiring or remotely with a controller. Rain and Moisture sensors can end up saving you a lot of money and helps maintain the irrigation system’s condition. Remember to put your system in an area that moistures the roots and soil and not the leaves of your plants directly. These systems are easy to maintain and can help keep your turf safe and clean.

Calibrating Your Sprinkler System

You must estimate the length of time the irrigation system needs to run in each zone to maintain a healthy lawn. Where you live and what kind of soil is being used will change the rate of water that is needed. A sustainable garden should have the proper amount of watering.

The Best Irrigation Time

The morning time, usually between 4 am and 8 am, is the best time to irrigate your lawn. The water soaks easier into the soil around this time. Any time after 8 am, the warmer temperature will cause the excess moister to evaporate off the leaves. This is what makes irrigating in the early morning the best option. When water stays on the leaves, it can cause turf diseases. If you can only water at night, then do so. Remember that different soil requires a different amount of water.

Rain Barrel

Water-Saving Rain Barrels

Another option an irrigation system can use is to collect water using rain barrels. You can set up these barrels to every downspout or have a series of them continuously pouring water into one another. Also, you can get downspout diverters for your barrels from garden and greenhouse suppliers. You can also connect a hose to the barrel’s tap to use the water that way.

If you have any more questions about irrigation, give us a call at Diversified Services and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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