getting your irrigation system ready in waterloo illinois

How To Prepare Your Sprinklers For Springtime 

You need to be careful when starting sprinklers for the first time after the winter, or you may cause expensive damage. Starting sprinklers for springtime depends on individual lawn irrigation needs and weather conditions. As a general rule, the sprinklers should remain closed until the threat of frost is passed.

Start with inspection

inspecting your sprinklers in waterloo illinoisThe process starts with a visual inspection of the irrigation system. If there is any damage to sprinklers and water pipes, you need to repair it before it is filled with water. Anything can happen to the irrigation system while it is dormant during winter. If you reside in Waterloo, IL, you should seek the help of Diversified services, our professionals can spot and repair any damage.

After the irrigation system is inspected and damage repaired, it’s time to fill it with water slowly. A lawn care expert will fill the system at the correct rate, so as not to overwhelm it. Once water is flowing efficiently through the system, it is time to be turned on and programmed.

Start when the spring has sprung

While all signs might be indicating the arrival of spring, the soil under the landscape is usually the last to thaw. Starting your irrigation system while the ground is still frozen can lead to damage to the pipes. You can use a shovel to check if the soil is frost-free 12 inches deep. If you find it still solid as a rock, then you should wait for another week and test it again before starting your irrigation system.

Monitor temperatures

Keep a track of temperatures as spring gets closer, especially at night. If the temperature is consistently above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe to turn on your irrigation system without the risk of pipes freezing. Also, it is advisable to keep a closer eye on weather reports during this period in case of an unexpectedly cold night.

Unobstructed flow

getting your sprinklers ready in waterloo illinoisCheck for sand, dirt, rocks and other kinds of debris that could block the even flow of water from the sprinkler head. Check spray heads and ensure they have not been buried and debris has not accumulated around. Uneven distribution can lead to not enough water in some areas and too much in others, both resulting in unhealthy lawn irrigation.


Hire lawn care professional to help you with the spring start-up of your irrigation system. We at Diversified Services, are ready to help you with lawn irrigation. Once you establish a relationship with us, we will be there for you throughout the growing season. We will ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency.