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Here’s what you need to know about watering your plants and saving water

In the Greenville, IL area, people spend their Spring, Summer, and Fall trying to maintain beautiful, vibrant lawns. Many people turn to the use of sprinkler systems to accomplish their dreams of a lush, green landscape. However, this raises questions about water usage and need. So, how can you water your lawn and feel like you’re not wasting water? Well, you can use a sprinkler system, but that’s just the first step. Water conservation is a process and a state of mind – you have to be willing to think about different ways to conserve water – which is difficult when you’re trying to grow grass. Here are a few simple things you can do to start your water conservation efforts while preserving your vibrant landscape.

rain gauges help with your water conservation

Water when you need to

The first tip is to only water your lawn when you need to. Stay tuned in to the local weather reports and get a rain gauge so you can tell just how much water your plants have had, and just how much they need. You can also accomplish this goal by utilizing the timing features of your sprinklers, which turn your sprinklers on and off on a schedule.

watering in the morning helps your lawn's water conservation

Know the time of day

It’s important to understand your plants and what time of day they should be watered at. Watering is most effective in the morning – it gives the water time to sink into the soil without the danger of being evaporated by the hot sun. By doing this, your plants will absorb more, and you’ll have to water less.

different soil types have different water conservation methods

Understand the soil type

The next tip is to understand your soil type. This may be a tip that’s best for pro gardeners, but it’s important to note nonetheless. Different soils can absorb water in different ways. If your soil is more clay than it is dirty, different things will grow because it absorbs and holds water differently. Also, if you’ve been using the same plot of land to grow, year after year, the land may just be lacking in nutrients.

sprinklers help your water conservation efforts

Adapt your schedule

Once you’ve figured out how much water your plants need, adapt your schedule and the timing schedule of your sprinkler system to reflect the needs of your yard. This will change depending on what you’re watering, but you should start to notice trends that are also tied to the amount of rainfall that you receive.

evaluate your water conservation methods

Constantly evaluate usage

The final rule of conserving water is never to stop thinking about conserving water. Even if you’ve come up with a good system that limits your water usage, always look for ways that you can improve and cut down on water usage while retaining a vibrant yard.

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